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Import Codes and Code Memos from Excel

MAXQDA can create a code system from the rows in an Excel spreadsheet. The reading of a code system from a table is useful when you want to define multiple codes in advance.

The first row of the table must include the keywords "Code" and "Memo". Each additional row corresponds to a new code and associated Memo. In the "Code" column, you can define subcodes using a backslash "\".

Tip: To insert a backslash on a Mac, press option++7.



Codename 1

Here is a text, e.g. with the code definition

Codename 1\Subcode 1.1

Here is a text with the code definition

Codename 2\Subcode 2.1\Subcode 2.1.1

Here is a text with the code definition


When importing a table, MAXQDA proceeds as follows:

  1. The defined codes are created (if they do not already exist), whereby "Subcode 1.1" is incorporated as a subcode of "Codename 1" and "Subcode 2.1" and "Subcode 2.1.1" are incorporated as subcodes of “Codename 2”.
  2. For each code, the corresponding text is assigned as a code memo and appears in the second column. Existing code memos are retained.
  3. Code and subcode names will be shortened to 63 characters if necessary.

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