N: Teamwork

Analyze your data efficiently in a team!

  • Establish user rights for different users with the admin system.
  • Merge two MAXQDA projects into one.
  • Share only parts of your project with someone else by using the teamwork export feature.
  • Different users log in with different user names which makes it possible to distinguish later who created which code etc.
  • Work on the same project but hide the codes assigned by others for a clear mind.
  • Code the same data separately and calculate the intercoder agreement.

There are three main styles for working in a team:

  • Take turns: All team members work on the same project file alternately.
  • Exchange parts: All team members work with the same data material and exchange their codings, memos, and variables.
  • Work separately and merge results: All team members work with different data and merge their partial projects to one single project.