J. 2: Creating new variables

You want to create new variables? Click on the New variable icon in the toolbar of the list of the document variables.

List of document variables

Next, enter a name for the variable, such as “Gender“, “Education“, “Marital Status“, etc. and select the variable type.

Creat new variable

Five types of variables are available:

  • String – for entering text (e.g. male, female, student)
  • Integer – for entering a whole number (e.g. 1, 7, 3940)
  • Floating point – for entering a number with decimal (e.g. 2.3, 453.5, 0.09)
  • Date/Time – for entering time or date
  • Boolean – creates a box, which can either be checked or left unchecked.

This way you may define an (almost) infinite number of variables. The rectangular data matrix (documents * variables) can later be exported directly to statistical programs such as SPSS or Excel.

It is possible to statistically analyse each variable. Please choose a variable from the list of document variables by clicking on it and navigate to the icon.

A statistical analysis could look like this:

Statistics document variables

Or you can display the analysis e.g. as a bar chart: