O. 3: The dictionary

The dictionary allows for defining categories of words for further searching, calculating and comparing. Clicking on the entry “Dictionary” on the MAXDictio menu bar, you can now see this window:


The left part of the window lets you manage your dictionaries, the middle part lets you define categories for the currently selected dictionary, which you can subsequently fill with a search term on the left-hand side. It is possible to simply type these search terms, import excel data, or generate search terms out of your codes.

Important: all defined categories will be used for dictionary based functions by default. To include or exclude specific categories, double-click on the folder icon. The stop symbol informs you about the categories and subcategories which are ignored by these functions.

You can now display these search terms with the function “frequencies of dictionary words”. Alternatively, it is possible to display the frequencies of dictionary categories using the identically named function. To visualize the frequencies of dictionary categories, you can also use the “Category Matrix Browser”.