O. 6: The Interactive Word Tree

The “Interactive Word Tree“ function lets you display frequencies of words and word combinations in an interactive, tree-like structure for further exploration. You can drag & drop documents you want to analyse into the dialogue box or add all activated documents to the selection by clicking on “all activated documents”.

On the left side of the result window you can see the so-called root, which is the word appearing most frequently in your material by default. To the right of the root you can see the word coming after the root most frequently. Following this are the words coming after the combination of the first two words most frequently – and in this manner the Word Tree splits up further and further.

In the right column you can see the original text without any formatting. To the right of the upper input field you can see how many branches are visible. The number in parentheses shows how many branches in total show up for the currently selected word.


Clicking on a word in the Word Tree puts it together with the first word as a word combination. To the right of the input field you can now see the frequency of this combination. By clicking on further words, you can learn about the frequencies of word combinations.

By clicking on a word while holding down the alt-key, you can set the word as the new root of the Word Tree. This also works without holding down the alt-key in the context window to the right. Or you can simply type in the word you are looking for in the upper input field.

By clicking on the alignment button in the upper left corner you can also view the words leading to your root in addition to the words leading away from it. Displaying both options at the same time is also possible.