O: MAXDictio – Quantitative text analysis

MAXDictio is only included in MAXQDA Plus and MAXQDA Analytics Pro .

With “MAXDictio“ users have access to a set of tools for quantitative text analysis. Central to the “MAXDictio“ module are word frequencies, which can also be calculated in relation to words and categories defined by the user through the use of a dictionary. Word frequencies offer additional analytical potential when combined with categorizing documents into codes or groups. Calculating the frequency of word combinations is also possible.

This module also contains tools which support text exploration and analysis. The function “Keyword-in-context“ illustrates selected keywords in a well-arranged table within their context. In order to visualize the frequency of word combinations, users can now interactively analyze text leading to and from single words or word combinations with the Interactive Word Tree. The display of undesired words can be avoided using stop-and-go-lists, which filter the results in various contexts. Further functions (for instance the Category Matrix Browser) are based on other functions (like the dictionary) and we will go through those in a different tutorial.

MAXDictio - Word frequency and dictionary