G. 1: Code Matrix Browser

The Code Matrix Browser offers a visualization of the number of segments coded with each code for each document. Select the tool from the Visual Tools drop-down menu.

You can choose if you want to see each document separately or have the codes be added up for whole document groups or sets. Also, if you have documents and/or codes activated, you have the option to include only those activated documents and codes in the visualization.

code matrix browser option in MAXQDA

Click OK to create a Code Matrix.

Code Matrix Browser

On the left you see your codes and at the top of each column the name of a document. The number of codings for each code in a document are represented by the squares. The color and size indicates the number of coded segments. Try moving your mouse over the square, to see details. In the example below, you can see that the code Emotions was used to code 4 different segments in the document Mary.

Code Matrix Browser Tooltip

Code Matrix Browser toolbar

The toolbar at the top of the Code Matrix Browser window offers you more options for your visualization.

Code Matrix Browser

The Display nodes as values icon switches to the numerical view of the Code Matrix Browser, so you can see exactly how many codings exist in each of the documents.

Code Matrix Browser

You can also learn about the Code Matrix Browser by watching our video tutorial: