A. 2: Import


How to import documents

You can import most of the common file formats into MAXQDA: text, PDF articles, tables, images, audio, and video. It is also possible to import data directly from a big survey, from twitter or import documents in a special formatting to automatically pre-code interviews or focus group transcripts. All of your documents will be stored in the top left windows of MAXQDA: the Document System.

To import documents into your Document System open Documents > Import document(s).


In the file dialogue window select the documents you want to import and click Open.


After the import is finished you can find all of your documents in the Document System window of MAXQDA. Double click on a document to open it in the Document Browser window. You can go to the Documents section of this online tutorial to learn more about working with different types of documents.


Read the next chapter to learn how to start coding your data.