MAXQDA 12 is a high-performance program for professional social science oriented data analysis – ideal not only for researchers but also for students and for teaching at universities and high schools. MAXQDA is used in a variety of disciplines: the social sciences, education, health sciences, the humanities, economics, marketing, and many others. In short, MAXQDA is the ideal software for those who require a program for the effective management and systematic evaluation of texts, documents and all kinds of media data.

MAXQDA 12 is a result of more than 25 years of continuous development that began with MAX for DOS in 1989. MAXQDA 12 is groundbreaking as it is the world’s first QDA software that provides the same functionality for Windows and Mac and allows you to switch effortlessly between the two platforms. The user interface is almost identical; aside from the ever-present Mac menu bar at the top of the screen that is unknown in Windows. The menu, icons, shortcuts and functions are nearly identical, eliminating the need for two different user manuals.

This guide provides a detailed overview of the features of MAXQDA. The “Getting Started Guide” offers a brief introduction. The manual explains all the functions and features of MAXQDA rather than following the logic of learning the program. Further help can be found on the website www.maxqda.com, including online tutorials, textbook references and information on the annual user conference in Berlin, the “MAXQDA International Conference” (MQIC).

In our continuous effort to improve and troubleshoot MAXQDA, we are always interested in your feedback and suggestions on how the program could be enhanced. Simply send us an email or watch for issues of interest in the MAXQDA forum and propose your contributions.