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Limits and Technical Notes

Number of variablesmax. 1,000
If you start Stats from within a MAXQDA project file, only the first 1,000 variables and codes will be transferred to Stats. If you open an external file a maximum of 1,000 variables will be imported.
Number of casesThere is no functional limit for the number of cases. Please keep in mind that importing a large number of variables and cases will take some time.
Variables of type „text“max. 63 characters
Rounding of
decimal numbers
The “Round half to even” method is used for displaying decimal in Data Editor and Result Views, while the “Round half up” method is used when choosing method round() for calculating new variables via the Transform menu (see
Computation of quartilesThere are different procedures to compute quartiles, as described in Hyndman & Fan (1996) “Sample quantiles in statistical packages”. In MAXQDA Stats procedure no. 7 is implemented, which is also used by default in the statistical package “r”.
SPSS: export and importStats supports the import of SPSS files created with version 18, in single cases files created with older version can be imported.
The files exported in SPSS format can be opened with SPSS 18 or newer, and depending on the content in single cases, also with older versions.
Excel: exportWhen exporting to the older Excel format XLS a maximum of 256 variables will be exported, because the format does not support more than 256 columns.

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