Licenses & Permissions

TeamCloud License

  • A TeamCloud license is required to become a Team lead. Team members do not need a TeamCloud license. They only need a MAXQDA license and a free MAXQDA account.
  • New customers can purchase a TeamCloud license as an add-on in combination with a MAXQDA subscription license in the MAXQDA Online Shop.
  • Existing customers with a MAXQDA subscription license can add a TeamCloud license to their subscription in MyAccount.
  • TeamCloud is supported by MAXQDA 2022 single-user and network licenses.

TeamCloud is supportedTeamCloud is not supported
  • Single user license
  • Network license
  • Portable license
  • Demo license
  • Student license
  • Teaching/Course license
  • MAXQDA Reader license

Project roles & permissions

MAXQDA TeamCloud distinguishes between two predefined roles: team lead and team member. Each project has 1 team lead and 1-4 team members.

Team lead

  • this role requires an active TeamCloud license,
  • can create a new TeamCloud project,
  • can invite team members to a project,
  • can edit all documents,
  • can import the work of the team members into the main project,
  • can start a new project cycle,
  • can end a project.

Team member

  • this role does not require a TeamCloud license,
  • can join projects they are invited to,
  • can download projects and open them in MAXQDA,
  • cannot edit existing documents,
  • can add new documents and edit them until the next upload,
  • can upload their work so that the team lead my import their work into the main project.

Transfer TeamCloud License

A team lead can transfer their TeamCloud license to another MAXQDA account via the Transfer License link. This account will then become the new owner of the license and the team lead of all projects associated with the TeamCloud license.The role of the previous team lead switches to team member.

Before transfering your TeamCloud license to another user, we suggest preparing the project in the following way:

  1. Import all pending teamwork data into the project
  2. Start a new cycle and upload the project for your team
  3. Now transfer your TeamCloud license to another user. This account becomes the new team lead for all projects.
  4. Your role switches to team member. You are free to continue as a team member or leave the project.

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