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Cloud space/storageStorage space in the MAXQDA TeamCloud
CycleWorking loop of a TeamCloud project. One cycle = team lead shares the project - members download it, work locally in MAXQDA and upload their project copy back to the cloud - team lead imports teamwork files into the main project. Afterwards, the team lead decides whether to end the project or start another cycle.
DashboardOverview of all TeamCloud projects for which you are a team lead or team member (landing page after logging in to the MAXQDA TeamCloud website)
Import logIs automatically created as a free memo when team lead imports team members' project data into the main project.
Local cloud workspaceThe location for local project copies of TeamCloud projects. Default folder:
Windows: Documents/-MAXQDA/-MAXQDA2022/TeamCloudWorkspace
Mac: Documents/MAXQDA/MAXQDA2022/TeamCloudWorkspace
Main projectThe locally stored project file of the team lead. Into this the import of the uploaded project files of the individual team members takes place.
MAXQDA accountRequired to use MAXQDA TeamCloud and share projects with the team. Registration is done via the email address. (Formerly called TeamCloud account)
MAXQDA TeamCloudModule for team collaboration and interaction. Project files are shared from within MAXQDA via a secure cloud space.
MAXQDA TeamCloud websiteWebsite for managing MAXQDA account, TeamCloud projects, team members and the project logbook.
Project invitationEmail notification to team members who are invited to a TeamCloud project. With a mouse click, they can join the project.
Project logbookOnline logbook for team projects on the MAXQDA TeamCloud website for collecting and sharing important notes, project information, ideas, or questions.
RolesIn the TeamCloud there are two defined roles: Team lead (1 person per TeamCloud project) and team member (1-4 people).
SeatsEach person in the team (team lead and team member) occupies a seat within the TeamCloud license.
Team leadFixed role. Team leads store the serial number of the TeamCloud license in their MAXQDA account. They can then create and share projects in the cloud.
Team memberFixed role. Team members are invited by the team lead to the TeamCloud project and can join it.
TeamCloud licenseLicense for the MAXQDA TeamCloud module (entitles to use for the specified term, scope of purchased cloud space, and number of seats). Is bound to the MAXQDA account of the team lead.
TeamCloud projectA MAXQDA project which is shared via the TeamCloud (file format *.mc22)
Upload comment leadThe team lead can optionally add a comment for the team when starting a new project cycle. The comment appears in the e-mail notification sent to the team members, can be displayed from the opened MAXQDA project at any time, and can also be viewed on the MAXQDA TeamCloud website (Project > Files page).
Upload comment memberTeam members also have the option to add a comment when uploading the project for the team lead. The comment appears in the email notification sent to the team lead and can also be viewed on the MAXQDA TeamCloud website (Project > Files page).

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