Best Practice – Things to know for optimal teamwork

MAXQDA's TeamCloud makes collaboration much easier for you. To ensure that your work with TeamCloud runs smoothly, we have provided a few tips for you here:

  • Teamwork requires rules for collaboration: Who may, should, and can perform which analyses? How should uncertain codings be marked? Which memo symbols should be used for which kinds of memos? What color do newly added codes get? etc.
  • Split documents and/or codes among the team members to avoid conflicts when importing the team members' projects into the main project.
  • Coordinate well within the project team:
    • Team members: After having uploaded their data for the team lead, team members wait until the team lead has started a new cycle before they continue working on the project.
    • Team lead: Before starting a new cycle, the team lead makes sure that all team members have uploaded their pending data and that everything has been imported into the main project.
  • To prevent data loss, make sure that your TeamCloud workspace is located in a local folder.
  • Work from one computer only during a teamwork cycle.
  • If a team member wants to change computers, the team lead should first start a new teamwork cycle for everyone. Then the team member can start working on the new cycle on the new computer.
  • If you are the team lead and want to change computers, start the teamwork cycle on the old computer and then go directly to the new computer without making any changes to the TeamCloud project on the old computer.
  • Assign meaningful names to your Free Memos, QTT Worksheets, Summary Tables, Concept Maps in MAXMaps, etc. to avoid naming conflicts.

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