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Limits to MAXDictio

Neither the number or size of documents, nor the number of text units or words per text unit are technically so restricted as to be significant for a typical project in qualitative and mixed-method research.

Only the length of words is limited. Here, a maximum of 64 characters are permitted; longer words in a text are ignored. The representation in the results tables, e.g. for word combinations, is limited to 64 characters, and longer word combinations may truncated, indicated by three points (...) at the end of the row.

To a high degree, working with MAXDictio depends on how fast the computer is and how many resources it has. If the number of texts to be counted at the same time reaches a certain quantum, the computer becomes noticeably slower. Projects of up to a million words are manageable for today’s average computers. This should be sufficient for usual projects of qualitative social science.

The more text to be processed simultaneously, the more time the computer needs. All functions also have a bar that indicates the progress. Hence, it is visible how much text MAXDictio has already processed and, thus, possible to calculate how much time will still be needed to complete the entire analysis.

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