We regularly offer MAXQDA workshops directly at our headquarters in Berlin. You can also find other MAXQDA workshops near you in the list of upcoming training sessions on our website. Find detailed information on all our trainers and feel free to contact them to ask about in-house workshops or workshops on special topics.

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On this page you can find upcoming MAXQDA workshops with open registration. In addition we regularly offer certified MAXQDA workshops in Berlin, Germany, ourselves. If you know of any additional MAXQDA training topics or would like to add a workshop you can organize to this list, please get in touch with us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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Are you searching for a trainer to teach an in-house workshop at your institution or are you looking for a personal research consulting? Get in touch with one of the MAXQDA experts from our growing network of professional MAXQDA trainers.

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Upcoming MAXQDA Workshops

Workshop Date Location Organizer Language Info
Auswertung qualitativer Daten (mit MAXQDA)Date:May 6, 2017Location:Graz, AustriaOrganizer:University of GrazLanguage:German
Análise de Dados Qualitativos Assistida por Computador com Recurso ao MAXQDADate:May 10 - May 12, 2017Location:Lisbon, PortugalOrganizer:ICS-ULisboaLanguage:Portuguese
MAXQDA 12 – Starter Workshop 05/17Date:May 11, 2017Location:BerlinOrganizer:Language:German
MAXQDA 12 ile Uygulamalı Nitel Veri AnaliziDate:May 13 - May 14, 2017Location:Ankara, TurkeyOrganizer:
MAXQDA 12 for Windows and Mac - All You Need to KnowDate:May 15 - May 18, 2017Location:OnlineOrganizer:Neville LiLanguage:English
MAXQDA Training WorkshopDate:May 17, 2017Location:Guildford, UKOrganizer:University of SurreyLanguage:English
Mixed Methods Research Using MAXQDA 12Date:May 18 - May 19, 2017Location:OnlineOrganizer:IRP TrainingsLanguage:English
Análisis de datos con MAXQDA 12 (gratuito)Date:May 30, 2017Location:OnlineOrganizer:CualSoftLanguage:Spanish
MAXQDA 12 – Starter Workshop 06/17Date:Jun 8, 2017Location:BerlinOrganizer:Language:German
MAXQDA 12 for Windows and Mac - All You Need to KnowDate:Jun 12 - Jun 15, 2017Location:OnlineOrganizer:Neville LiLanguage:English
The Basics of MAXQDA 12 for Windows and Mac (Day 1)Date:Jun 17, 2017Location:Edmonton, AB, CanadaOrganizer:Neville LiLanguage:English
Beyond the Basics of MAXQDA 12 for Windows and Mac (Day 2)Date:Jun 18, 2017Location:Edmonton, AB, CanadaOrganizer:Neville LiLanguage:English
Herramientas gráficas con MAXQDA 12 (gratuito)Date:Jun 27, 2017Location:OnlineOrganizer:CualSoftLanguage:Spanish
Análisis de Datos Cualitativos y Métodos Mixtos Apoyados por el Programa MAXQDADate:Jul 6, 2017Location:Bilbao, SpainOrganizer:CualSoftLanguage:Spanish
MAXQDA 12 for Windows and Mac - All You Need to KnowDate:Jul 10 - Jul 13, 2017Location:OnlineOrganizer:Neville LiLanguage:English
Introducción a MAXQDA 12 (gratuito)Date:Jul 18, 2017Location:OnlineOrganizer:CualSoftLanguage:Spanish
Introduction to MAXQDA 12Date:Nov 14, 2017Location:Orlando, FL, USAOrganizer:NCFRLanguage:English