Certified MAXQDA Trainer:
Michael C Gizzi

LocationNormal, Illinois, USA
RadiusUSA, Canada, Europe, Israel


  • Starter Workshop
  • Advanced Workshops

Method Focus

  • Visualizations
  • Qualitative Evaluation
  • Mixed Methods
Methodological Expertise

Content analysis, legal research, mixed-methods, qualitative research, interview analysis

Consulting Services

Consulting for socio-legal research, individual classes


I hold a PhD in Political science, and have done research on constitutional law, judicial impact, and criminal justice. I have extensive experience with elite interviewing in public policy and conflict resolution. I am a former director of the Center for Technology and Learning at Mesa State College, Colorado, and am currently professor of criminal justice at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois.  My current research with MAXQDA involves a study of police misconduct in Chicago to identify networks of corrupt officers; a project exploring the development of business strategy with quarterly reports, and a new project studying the leadership and rhetoric of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo during a time of pandemic. 

I have been using MAXQDA since 2014, and qualitative research software for years before that. My posters on harnessing the power of MAXQDA for legal research won the best poster prize at the 2018 MAXQDA International Conference and third place for best teaching poster in 2020. I offer workshops on introductory uses of MAXQDA and advanced features. Contact me for more information about virtual sessions. 

Relevant Publications

“Recommendations for Usage of Field Portable MS Systems in Law Enforcement from a Criminal Justice Policy Perspective,” National Institute of Justice, Award 2015-IJ-CX-K011”. Dec. 2017.

“The Reliability of Narcotics Dog Sniffs After Florida v Harris,” forthcoming.

“Pretextual Stops, Vehicle Searches, and Crime Control: An Evaluation of Strategies Used on the Frontline of the War on Drugs, Criminal Justice Studies : A Critical Journal of Law and Society, 24 (2), 139-152. (2011).

Website https://www.4stagesofresearch.com
Email mgizzi@ilstu.edu
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/michaelgizzi
Twitter https://twitter.com/rockymtnhigh

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