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MAXQDA 12 Update: Release 12.3.1 – see what’s new!

Great news for current and future users of MAXQDA Standard, Plus and Analytics Pro! Update 12.3.1 adds several new features to MAXQDA 12, along with adding many small improvements and bugfixes. We are continuously working on making MAXQDA even better: With every update we offer you improved or completely new features! Others may charge you extra for this service – as a MAXQDA 12 license holder, you can regularly take advantage of free program updates.

Lemmatization for lexical searches

Lemmatization allows to summarize words that stem from the same base word – “going”, “went” and “gone” for example will be summarized under “go”. What was previously only available in MAXDictio, is now part of the lexical search – available for MAXQDA Standard and upwards – as well!


MAXMaps and Summary Grids come closer together

You can already easily import memos, documents, document groups and -sets, codes and coded segments via drag & drop into MAXMaps. Now you can add your summaries from the Summary Grid as well – by importing them as a label for the respective coded segment. Neat!


Features “frequency for single words” and “frequency for word combinations” got enhanced

With MAXQDA 12.3.1, it’s now possible to summarize word combinations via drag & drop in the interactive result table. Moreover, summarized items will now stay summarized after you hit the refresh-button.


Quickly create a new document from a marked section via drag & drop

You can now mark a selection in the Document-Browser, and quickly transform it into a new document by dropping it in the “List of Documents”.

How to update your MAXQDA 12 to the latest release 12.3.1

Search for available updates with Help > Search for updates.
Take a look at the MAXQDA release notes to see which features are new in each update.

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2 Responses to “MAXQDA 12 Update: Release 12.3.1 – see what’s new!”

  1. Naomi Jessup

    I am unable to update to Maxqda 12.3.1. I am at 11.2.5. When I tried to follow the directions to search for updates, I did not have the option to update to another version.

  2. Dear Naomi,
    Thanks for asking! The reason for this is that MAXQDA 12 is an entirely new version with hundreds of new features, and if we were to just keep programming without charging anything for it, MAXQDA would cease to exist sooner or later. But as a MAXQDA 11 license holder, we give you a 50% discount – unless you have a student license, because they are already very very cheap (between 5,5%-8% of the normal price). You can find out more about our licenses here: http://www.maxqda.com/licenses
    Kind regards,
    Andreas from the MAXQDA-Team

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