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Release 2020.2 (2020-09-15)


  • Hovering over a hyperlink within a text document or a memo now displays a tooltip with the complete URL of the hyperlink.
  • Improved performance while creating a Code Matrix Browser for large numbers of coded segments.
  • Improved scroll bar visualization in the Interactive Word Tree. It is now easier to see where in the text the data currently displayed in the tree branches is located.
  • Improved zoom gestures in the Code Map and the Document Map window. If you zoom into a map the zoom action now centers on the current position of your cursor.
  • New timestamp format recognized: You can now import transcripts that contain timestamps in the format [h:mm:ss] to link the transcript to an audio or video file.
  • While entering a long comment in the Smart Coding Tool, the Categorize Paraphrases, or the Categorize Survey Data window the height of the comment cell now automatically expands so that the complete comment is visible.
  • You can now use zoom icons to reduce or increase the text size in the Smart Coding Tool, the Categorize Paraphrases, and the Categorize Survey Data windows.


  • Fixes several small interface issues for both light mode and dark mode
  • Fixes an issue while displaying a preview of a coded image segment located in a PDF document in the Overview of Coded Segments table. The size of the segment is now identical to the size in the original document.
  • Fixes an issue while displaying a preview of a memo in the Overview of Memos table. The font size of the memo preview is now identical to the font size in the original memo.
  • Fixes an issue while displaying the coding stripes on the right side of the document where a small strip of the document was hidden on the left side.
  • Fixes an issue while using both the lexical search result table and a local search in the Document Browser at the same time. If you click on a lexical search result to jump to the original source the local search is now automatically deactivated.

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