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Release 2020.4.2 (2021-12-13)


  • Several interface design improvements.
  • Improved performance while automatically coding data with large MAXDictio dictionaries that include thousands of categories.


  • Fixes an issue while exporting a code map to MAXMaps where connection lines were not transmitted correctly.
  • Fixes an issue while formatting connection lines in MAXMaps where it was difficult to select a connection line if it was placed in front of another object.
  • Fixes an issue while renaming document variables where a number was added to the end of the new variable name.
  • Fixes an issue while opening a specific type of PDF documents where MAXQDA may have frozen while trying to access the file.
  • Fixes an issue while saving a MAXQDA 2020 project for MAXQDA 2018 where the data could not be transformed correctly if the documents were organised in nestled subfolders.
  • Fixes an issue while arranging codes in Creative Coding where a top-level code could not be merged into another code via drag & drop if the target was a sub-code of the dragged code.
  • Fixes an issue while opening code memos in the Memo Manager by clicking on the icon in the Code menu ribbon where opening the Memo Manager window took to long.
  • Fixes an issue while searching for intersections of codes in the Complex Coding Query where duplicates of the same segments were found if codes and subcodes were entered into the search field in a specific order.
  • Fixes an issue while searching within the Interactive Quote Matrix where MAXQDA may have frozen if a search is started while the matrix is displaying a code with no content.
  • Fixes an issue while analyzing sentiment for Tweets where MAXQDA froze if the interface language was set to Polish.
  • Fixes an issue while displaying stretched tooltips while hovering over a coded segment within the Multimedia-Browser window.

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