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Release 2020.3(2020-12-01)


    • New color schemes for charts and diagrams.
    • Pick your own color for single-colored, ascending, and descending color schemes.
    • Edit the maximum axis size in diagrams.
    • Save the color and font settings of a diagram as the new default setting for all new diagrams.
    • Apply the color, font, and axis settings of a diagram to all currently opened diagrams of the same type.
    • Improved workflow and dialogue windows for easier editing of the text elements in a diagram.
    • Visualize code distribution across your data with the new “Heatmap” option in the Code Matrix Browser.
    • Lemmatize words in a Word Cloud to group words together by their base form. Hover over a word in the Word Cloud to view which words are grouped together.
    • Import transcripts that were created with the automatic transcription tool “HappyScribe”.
    • Import images or screenshots directly from the clipboard by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V or CMD+V in the main 4-window user interface.


  • You can now paraphrase data in Paraphrase mode and apply codes or memos to your data at the same time.
  • Insert a new memo for a segment currently displayed in the Retrieved Segments window. Right-click on the segment to see the new option in the context menu.
  • Add a comment to a coded segment directly from the “New code” window.
  • While using a function that offers a lemmatization feature, the lemmatization language is now preset to the same language as the MAXQDA interface (if it exists). A language change in one function now changes the preset in all other functions as well.
  • While exporting memos into a teamwork export, you no longer have to select codes as well.
  • The Smart Coding Tool now displays image segments while working with coded segments from images or PDF documents.
  • Streamlined use of icons in the Similarity Analysis and the Summary Table windows.
  • Right-click on a document and use the new option in the context menu to add the document to an existing or a new document set.
  • A new option was added to the Code System preferences to switch from regular drag-to-code mode to click-to-code mode. If this mode is activated you can code a selected segment by simply clicking on a code in the code system.
  • Improved layout for the Intercoder coefficient Kappa results table.
  • Improved styling for memos, comments, and paraphrases in the Document Browser sidebar.


  • Fixes an issue while using code favorites to code segments with one click where codes were removed from the code favorites window.
  • Fixes an issue while using a specific keyboard shortcut to apply a code to a segment in the Smart Coding Tool, that caused some memos to disappear.
  • Fixes an issue while switching between items in the stop list or go list organizer in MAXDictio. It’s now easier to see which list is currently selected.
  • Fixes an issue while interactively clicking on a search item in the lexical search results table where displayed coding stripes in the Document Browser were reloaded.
  • Fixes an issue while importing literature data from Endnote where the import options were spaced too close together in the import dialogue.
  • Fixes an issue while importing documents using the “Structured Text” import where specific text elements caused the software to stop working.
  • Fixes an issue while exporting text documents with color-coded text to PDF where the color highlights were missing if the document was exported from the Document Browser window.
  • Fixes an issue while exporting documents with line-numbered text using the anonymization feature where the exported text is converted to paragraph numbering.
  • Fixes an issue while displaying codes with code memos in the Summary Grid where all memos were displayed with the regular memo icon.
  • Fixes an issue while displaying code co-occurrences for coded image segments that originated from PDF files where the image frame of the intersection was not displayed correctly.
  • Fixes an issue while copying content from the “Intercoder coefficient Kappa” window to a different text editor (Mac only).
  • Fixes an issue while applying the “only activated documents” filter in a Summary Grid where certain elements were displayed correctly.

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