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Release 20.1.1 (2020-07-29) – Release Notes


    • Optimized creating Single-Case Models for Focus Group Speakers in MAXMaps. Only Focus Group documents will now show up when selecting a Focus Group Speaker to create the model.
    • Optimized handling of activation status while choosing to import coded segments in MAXMaps. The correct amount of importable coded segments will now be shown when selecting “Only for Activated Documents”.
    • Optimized performance while excluding columns from the results table of the Code Relations Browser.
    • Improved: You can now maximize the coding stripe area in the Document Browser window to twice its size. This added space makes it easier to view longer code names.
    • Optimized sorting of names consisting of a combination of numbers and letters while displaying the Document System, Code System, or a table in ascending or descending order.
    • Streamlined and optimized tooltips while hovering over items in the Document System, Code System, or Document Browser. Tooltips will now show additional information regarding the creation and modification of the respective documents, codes, and coded segments.
    • It is now possible to limit your analysis to subgroups when analyzing cases using the functions Code Matrix Browser, Code Configurations, and Code Coverage as well as the MAXDictio functions Word Frequencies, Word Combinations and Category Matrix Browser.
    • Improved: MAXQDA 2020 now also checks a project database for inconsistencies if the project file is a MAXQDA 2018 project file (*.mx18).
    • Optimized the results table of the MAXDictio function Keyword-in-context. The column “Document” is now divided into two separate columns to make it easier to distinguish between document and document group.
    • Previously-existing timestamps will now carry over to newly-created documents when importing data from an exchange file to create a new document.


  • Fixes an issue while comparing document groups and document sets using the function Compare Cases & Groups -> Quantitative.
  • Fixes an issue while displaying segments in the Smart Coding Tool. When switching between codes, the row height of the displayed segments will now automatically adjust to match the length of the segment.
  • Fixes an issue while exchanging MAXMaps files (*.mod) between Windows and Mac users. Please note that files created on Mac before MAXQDA version 20.1.1 are now deprecated and can no longer be used.
  • Fixes an issue while exporting the Interactive Quote Matrix created from the result table of the Code Relations Browser when no coded segments were displayed in the table.
  • Fixes an issue while merging projects containing Code Variables created by the user. Code Variables will now transfer correctly.
  • Fixes an issue while assembling memos in sets. Sets will remain when closing and opening the project.
  • Fixes an issue while selecting rows in the Overview of Coded Segments where incorrect segments in PDF files were highlighted in the Document Browser.
  • Fixes an issue while selecting rows in the result table of the Extended Lexical Search. Selecting rows will now always highlight the correct responding segment in the Document Browser.
  • Fixes an issue while setting the language for Spellcheck in the “Preferences” menu.
  • Fixes an issue while using Spellcheck when working on a document using the Edit mode.
  • Fixes an issue while using Spellcheck in a project that contains no documents.
  • Fixes an issue while autocoding search results in the “Keyword-in-context” results table.
  • Fixes an issue while using Intercoder Agreement to analyze document sets. The function will now correctly match documents in document sets to documents in document groups.
  • Fixes an issue while using the zoom function in the Code Map.
  • Fixes an issue while working on a transcript using the Edit mode. A message box will now warn users if an action may lead to timestamps being deleted.

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