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MAXQDA12 Tip of the Month – Copy Segment with Source Information

Save time when presenting your MAXQDA research results: If you want to copy coded segments from MAXQDA to quote them e.g. in your report or in your presentation, you can add the correct source information with just one click.

The “Retrieved Segments” window shows your coded segments. On the left side of each segment you find an info box with detailed information about the segment: It shows you in which document group, document, and paragraph the segment is located and which code was assigned to it.

1. Step: Right click on an info box to call up a context menu in which you select “Copy segment with source information to Clipboard”.

1. Step: Copy segment with source information to Clipboard

2. Step: Now you can insert the coded segment along with its source information e.g. into a Word document (as shown in the screenshot). You see the document group, the name of the document, and the paragraph numbers in brackets behind the coded segments.

2. Step: Inserting the coded segment into a Word or Excel document

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