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MAXQDA Donations 2015 – Gifts that make a difference

It is our tradition to donate part of our annual revenue to nonprofit organizations. This year we support: AMREF Flying Doctors, Beginn nebenan Berlin e.V., Doctors without borders and JMFA.

AMREF Flying Doctors

AMREF Flying Doctors is part of Amref Health Africa, a leading international health development non-governmental organization, based in Kenya. AMREF is primarily involved in remote areas, where they provide air evacuation services, as well as air ambulance transfers between medical facilities. On top of that, AMREF offers first aid training for companies, communities and individuals.

Beginn nebenan Berlin e.V. – Where strangers become friends

Beginn Nebenan Berlin e.V.

Beginn nebenan Berlin e.V. brings together Berlin citizens and refugees. The organization is run entirely by volunteers who match participants according to their interests and language skills. In addition, they organize monthly meet-ups with the opportunity to get to know people from all over the world and create mutual understanding.

Doctors without borders

Doctors without borders provide emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, disaster, or exclusion from health care worldwide. The organization is committed to remaining neutral, impartial, and ethical in their work. They treat ill and wounded persons, take care of undernourished children, and provide clean drinking water and facilities to people in more than 60 countries.


JMFA - Taten bewegen!

The organization JMFA was founded in 2006, right after winning the “Start Social” competition. JMFA wants to support and encourage disadvantaged people in Rwanda through various projects, e.g. in home and agricultural economics, education, and infrastructure.

JMFA makes people’s culture and way of living a high priority. Therefore, local people are given responsibility for the projects, which they convert and maintain with help from experts.

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