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Go Lists

What are go lists?

Go lists are essentially the opposite of stop lists. While stop lists contain a list of words which are disabled for the analysis and are intended to be excluded from the counting, go lists consist of words to which the analysis should be limited. This means that only these words will be counted.

Manage go lists

To create a go list or customize existing go lists, select MAXDictio > Go List. The window that appears contains the same functionalities as the window for stop lists, the only difference being that there is no designated go list for tag clouds.

An explanation of all functions can be found in the Stop Lists section.

Use go lists for analyses

MAXDictio allows the use of go lists in the following analyses:

MAXDictio > Word Frequencies > Word Frequencies (only words of go list) – Only the word frequencies of the currently selected go list are included in the results table (see Word Frequencies for Words in the Go List).

MAXDictio > Keyword-In-Context – Searches for words of the currently selected go list in all texts and displays them in their respective contexts (see What is the “Keyword-in-Context” Feature?).

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