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MAXQDA11 Tip of the month: Screen Layout for every Screen Size

By using the Screen Layout Manager you can adjust the MAXQDA interface perfectly to fit the dimensions of your screen – so your workspace always suits your needs. Open “Windows > Screen Layout Manager” from the MAXQDA menu bar and select your favorite layout in the appearing dialog window.

4:3 Screens

The classic 4:3 screen is best used with the classic MAXQDA four-window arrangement. Additionally, the height and width of each window can be changed by easily dragging with the mouse.

Wide-Screen Monitors

Modern widescreen monitors have a format closer to the natural sight and are quickly replacing the traditional screens. MAXQDA has adapted to this trend: You can arrange the four windows into three panes to get the most out of the additional space and have all of your data in plain view.

Multiple Monitors

Two monitors offer that much more space, which you can also use With MAXQDA. Unlock any window from the regular interface and transfer it to a another monitor.

We hope you enjoy creating your perfect windows layout!

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