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MAXQDA11 Tip of the month: Open MAXQDA 11 projects with MAXQDA 10

MAXQDA is backward compatible, which means you can always open project files created with an older version, with any of the newer versions. But sometimes it would be useful to share your MAXQDA 11 project with somebody still using MAXQDA 10, e.g. when working in a team. Luckily MAXQDA 11 offers the possibility to save projects as MAXQDA 10 project files.

Just follow these two steps:

Save MAXQDA 11 project for MAXQDA 10: Step 1

Step 1: To make a copy of your MAXQDA 11 project (file extension “.mx5”) in the MAXQDA 10 file format (“.mx4”) select Project> Backup project from the menu bar.

Step 2: In the next dialog windows select the file type MAXQDA 10 projects (*.mx4) and choose a name for this copy of your project.

Save MAXQDA 11 project for MAXQDA 10: Step 2

Now you can share your work with somebody who is still using MAXQDA 10. NOTE: When save your MAXQDA 11 project in the MAXQDA 10 file format, features that are only available in MAXQDA 11 (e.g. table documents and summaries) will not be supported. They will nevertheless remain in the project file and therefore be available should the “.mx4”-file be converted back to the “.mx5”-format.

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