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MAXQDA11 Tip of the month: Import codes into MAXQDA from excel

For many research projects it is true that the most important categories and a rough structure of the code system already exist at the beginning of the project. You might have all of your categories listed in a spreadsheet or in a document and might even have additional information about each category. It would be cumbersome to transfer all of this information into your MAXQDA code system manually, right? Good thing there is a quicker and easier solution: Just import all of your codes including the additional information, e.g. code definitions directly into MAXQDA with the click of a button. We’ll show you how with an example table!

The right table layout

This is easy. All you need is two columns, one of them called “Code” the other one called “Memo”. The cells containing the information. The table can be in either XLS/X or TXT (tab delimited) format.


Import codes into MAXQDA

In the “Code”-menu, you will find the option to Import Code System. Choose to import the table, which contains the code information.

Import codes

The result

After the import is done all of your codes are added to the code system, the additional information is stored in code memos which are attached to each code, and you are ready to start the next phase of your analysis.


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