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MAXQDA10 Tip of the Month: Free MAXQDA Reader

Do you want to be able to show your MAXQDA projects to other people, so you can discuss your work with other researchers or discuss steps of your analysis with your team without allowing for changes to be made? With the free MAXQDA Reader, you can do just that.

Simply download and install MAXQDA Reader, and you’ll be able to view and show off your projects. The Reader allows you to access search functions as well as all imported documents and memos. Plus, you can still use a range of analysis features that our QDA software offers. You can, for example, use the visual tools like the Document Portrait, Code Matrix Browser, and MAXMaps. You can also export aspects of your project, like the code system or your retrieved segments. Just download the program from our website, and you’ll be able to view and show your research and explain your analysis and interpretations of the data. MAXQDA Reader offers the same intuitive user interface as MAXQDA, only without the editing and coding options, so you don’t have to worry about your data being changed.

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