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Release 2022.6 (April 26th, 2023)


    • AI Assist
      • Create automatic summaries in the Summary Grid. AI Assist can summarize multiple text segments that were coded with the same code to help you explain common themes across your codings.
      • Create automatic Code summaries for a number of coded segments. AI Assist can add a summary to the Code memo to help you explain the coded content of a code.


    • PDF documents
      • You can now use the search and autocode function for paragraphs in the Smart Coding Tool, Categorize Survey Data, and Categorize Paraphrases in PDF documents.
      • You can also use the option to autocode paragraphs in PDF documents for the local search in the Document Browser.
      • The Complex Coding Query functions “near” and “followed by” are now applicable for PDF documents.
    • Smart Publisher
      • Now includes new options to choose which data to include in your automatically generated report.
      • Easily select or ignore codes, include code memos, and include additional information for coded segments.
      • More formatting options.
    • More improvements
      • Autocoding: You can now autocode directly from the search results table by dragging and dropping a search hit to the code system.
      • Document Browser: The Document Browser now has a new, clearer toolbar for zoom options in PDF documents.
      • Document System: Quickly add or remove documents with new icons that appear on hover directly in the Document System.
      • Export: You can now set a file name and location when exporting the Interactive Quote Matrix directly from the Code Relations Browser.
      • Interface: We have improved several tooltips to make them clearer.
      • MAXDictio: You can search within stop word lists and go word lists to easily find words.
      • QTT: It is now possible to simply add codes and memos to a worksheet via drag & drop.
      • Word Trends: You can now select the number of sections to be visualized in the Word Trends yourself.
      • Word Trends/Document Portrait: The Word Trends visualization now contains an editable title so you can easily present it in a paper or presentation.


    • Fixes an issue while analyzing the intercoder agreement for overlapping of codes at segment level where the document of the second coder could not be opened.
    • Fixes an issue where document sets in the Document System could not be renamed via the context menu.
    • Fixes an issue while changing the label of a memo with a Chinese keyboard where the text displayed as memo text instead of memo label.
    • Fixes an issue while changing the symbol of a code in a hierarchal code map in MAXMaps where MAXQDA quit unexpectedly.
    • Fixes an issue while creating a report with the Smart Publisher where some subcodes were considered parent codes and were exported twice.
    • Fixes an issue while creating boolean document variables where the variable values were not applied correctly.
    • Fixes an issue while deleting a MAXDictio category where the restored category was not displayed immediately after using the undo function.
    • Fixes an issue while double-clicking on hits in the Code Configurations where the segments were not interactive.
    • Fixes an issue while exchanging image codings via Teamwork Exchange where the coding boundaries were not displayed correctly.
    • Fixes an issue while exporting text documents as PDF with visualized coding stripes where some lines were missing.
    • Fixes an issue while highlighting text in the Smart Coding Tool where coding the highlighted text with a new code did not work correctly.
    • Fixes an issue while importing bibliographic data from RIS files where some tags were not imported properly.
    • Fixes an issue while opening project files with a large number of PDF documents where starting MAXQDA was not possible.
    • Fixes an issue while printing text documents with paraphrases where some paraphrases were cut off.
    • Fixes an issue while renaming code sets in the Document System where selecting and renaming the sets was not possible.
    • Fixes an issue while searching for emoticodes in the Code System where the entire code was not displayed.
    • Fixes an issue while transferring filtered words from the Word Frequencies results table to the stop word list where non-filtered words were also transferred.
    • Fixes an issue while transforming variables into new variables where the name for the transformed variables was not displayed.
    • Fixes an issue while using the autotext function in transcription mode where a line break was added for longer abbreviations.
    • Fixes several minor interface issues.

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