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Release 2022.2.1 (2022-07-27)


  • Focus Group Analysis
    • Visualize similarities and differences in code assignments between two focus group speakers in the MAXMaps Two-Cases Model. This model was already available for documents, document groups/sets and can now also be used to compare speakers.
  • QTT
    • You can now send several Mixed Methods outputs directly to your QTT worksheet.
  • TeamCloud
    • You can now manually create backups for your TeamCloud projects.


  • Interface: Improved automatic resizing in the Document Browser while working with more than 10 open tabs at once.


  • Fixes an issue while adding a new Logbook entry with the MAXQDA interface set to darkmode, where the font used an incorrect color.
  • Fixes an issue while changing the font family for MAXMaps objects, where the font was not updated.
  • Fixes an issue while changing the view in the Summary Table, where not all of the content was displayed.
  • Fixes an issue while creating new codes in the Summary Table, where the codes could not be transformed into document variables.
  • Fixes an issue while for structured texts some system variables were displayed as “0”.
  • Fixes an issue while importing bibliographical data, where in some instances the import dialog was blank until the window was resized.
  • Fixes an issue while importing web pages via URL, where MAXQDA displayed a misleading warning about a missing network connection during the import process.
  • Fixes an issue while recognizing focus group speakers during the merge of project files that contain identical focus group transcripts. Speakers are now recognized and automatically merged into each other correctly.
  • Fixes an issue while using favorite variables in the Smart Coding Tool, where a number was shown for the document group instead of the name.
  • Fixes an issue while using the global undo function, where applying some codings was also undone.
  • Fixes an issue with different fonts used in the documents and codes context menus.

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