VERBI Software offers MAXQDA workshops directly at its headquarters in Berlin, Germany. You can also find other MAXQDA workshops near you in this list of upcoming training sessions, including information about the MAXQDA annual conference. Find detailed information on all our trainers and feel free to contact them to ask about in-house workshops or workshops on special topics.

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On this page, you will find upcoming MAXQDA workshops with open registration. We regularly offer MAXQDA workshops in Berlin, including the annual MAXQDA User Conference (MQIC), which brings together German and international researchers who work and teach with MAXQDA. The event is a unique opportunity to network with other MAXQDA users and meet the MAXQDA development team.

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Are you looking for a personal research consultant or a teacher for an in-house workshop at your institution? Get in touch with one of the MAXQDA experts from our growing network of Professional MAXQDA Trainers!

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Upcoming MAXQDA Workshops

MAXQDA Fahrschule – Web-Abendkurs, jederzeit einsteigen (Durchgang Januar-Februar)Date:January 10 - February 28, 2018Location:OnlineOrganizer:Methoden Coaching MorgensternLanguage:German
MAXQDA: Nuevas herramientas para el análisis cualitativoDate:February 21 - February 23, 2018Location:Ciudad de MéxicoOrganizer:Computación Cualitativa ConsultoresLanguage:Spanish
MAXQDA 2018 for Windows and Mac - All You Need to Know (North America, Asia and Australia)Date:February 26 - March 1, 2018Location:OnlineOrganizer:Neville LiLanguage:English
Analyse qualitativer Daten mit MAXQDA – Starter KompaktDate:February 28, 2018Location:BerlinOrganizer:Language:German
MAXQDA Master Class – Beyond CodingDate:February 28, 2018Location:BerlinOrganizer:Language:English
Qualitative InhaltsanalyseDate:February 28, 2018Location:BerlinOrganizer:Language:German
Qualitative Text AnalysisDate:February 28, 2018Location:BerlinOrganizer:Language:English
Staying Close to the Data: Enhancing Data Analysis through Interdisciplinary TeamsDate:February 28, 2018Location:BerlinOrganizer:Language:English
Visualisierungen mit MAXQDA – Visuelle Exploration qualitativer DatenDate:March 2, 2018Location:BerlinOrganizer:Language:German
Fokusgruppenanalyse mit MAXQDADate:March 2, 2018Location:BerlinOrganizer:Language:German
Mixed Methods Funktionen in MAXQDADate:March 2, 2018Location:BerlinOrganizer:Language:German
Mixed Methods Functions in MAXQDADate:March 2, 2018Location:BerlinOrganizer:Language:English
The Five-Level QDA® Method: Using MAXQDA for Qualitative Data AnalysisDate:March 2, 2018Location:BerlinOrganizer:Language:English
Smart Use of Coding Tools in MAXQDADate:March 2, 2018Location:BerlinOrganizer:Language:English
Introduction to MAXQDA a Qualitative and Mixed Methods Data Analysis SoftwareDate:March 2 - March 3, 2018Location:Bamberg, GermanyOrganizer:Francisco FreitasLanguage:English
MAXQDA Fahrschule – Web-Abendkurs, jederzeit einsteigen (Durchgang März-April)Date:March 6 - April 24, 2018Location:OnlineOrganizer:Methoden Coaching MorgensternLanguage:German
Introducción a MAXQDA y Aplicación de Tácticas Analíticas Cualitativas (Miles, Huberman y Saldaña)Date:March 7, 2018Location:OnlineOrganizer:Dr. Antoni CasasempereLanguage:Spanish
MAXQDA 2018 for Windows and Mac - All You Need to Know (North America, Western Europe)Date:March 12 - March 15, 2018Location:OnlineOrganizer:Neville LiLanguage:English
Seminarios virtuales gratuito. Introducción a MAXQDA 2018.Date:March 14, 2018Location:OnlineOrganizer:Dr. Antoni CasasempereLanguage:Spanish
Mastering MAXQDA with the Five-Level QDA® method (2 day workshop)Date:March 15 - March 16, 2018Location:LondonOrganizer:Dr. Christina Silver / Dr. Sarah BullochLanguage:English
Qualitative Inhaltsanalyse(n) – Einführung & Praxis (MAXQDA-Unterstützung)Date:March 17, 2018Location:OnlineOrganizer:Methoden Coaching MorgensternLanguage:German
MAXQDA 2018 – Starter Workshop 03/18Date:March 23, 2018Location:BerlinOrganizer:Language:German
MAXQDA 2018 for Windows and Mac - All You Need to Know (North America, Asia and Australia)Date:March 26 - March 29, 2018Location:OnlineOrganizer:Neville LiLanguage:English
Using MAXQDA for Qualitative Evaluations in Development in LMICsDate:March 27 - March 28, 2018Location:Bamenda, CameroonOrganizer:Effective Basic Services, Africa (Dr. Okwen Patrick Mbah)Language:English
MAXQDA 2018 for Windows and Mac - All You Need to KnowDate:April 9 - April 12, 2018Location:OnlineOrganizer:Neville LiLanguage:English
Seminarios virtuales gratuito. Análisis exploratorio con MAXQDA 2018.Date:April 11, 2018Location:OnlineOrganizer:Dr. Antoni CasasempereLanguage:Spanish
MAXQDA voor beginnersDate:April 16, 2018Location:Rotterdam, NetherlandsOrganizer:Jeanine EversLanguage:Dutch
Seminario virtual gratuito. Introducción a MAXQDA 2018.Date:May 16, 2018Location:OnlineOrganizer:Dr. Antoni CasasempereLanguage:Spanish
Seminario virtual gratuito. Segmentación, memoing y codificación con MAXQDA 2018.Date:June 13, 2018Location:OnlineOrganizer:Dr. Antoni CasasempereLanguage:Spanish
Analyse qualitativer Daten. Einführung in wesentliche Auswertungsstrategien und in MAXQDADate:June 15 - June 16, 2018Location:ÖsterreichOrganizer:Grazer Methodenkompetenzzentrum (GMZ)Language:German
Evaluation Qualitative des Projet de Développement a L'Aide du Logiciel MAXQDADate:July 24 - July 25, 2018Location:Bamenda, CamerounOrganizer:Effective Basic Services, Africa (Dr. Okwen Patrick Mbah)Language:French

If you know of any additional MAXQDA training topics or would like to add a workshop you can organize to this list, please get in touch with us at We look forward to hearing from you!