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Upgrade to the newest version of MAXQDA today! Regular MAXQDA 12 and MAXQDA 2018 licenses can be upgraded to the newest version of MAXQDA at a 50% reduced price. When you update your old license(s), you can choose to upgrade to any of our three available product options.

MAXQDA 2020 upgrade options and eligibility requirements

MAXQDA 12 / MAXQDA 2018 Upgrade Options

One Time Purchase License

Single User / Portable / Network license
Eligible for Upgrade to MAXQDA 2020

You purchased MAXQDA 2018 on May 15th, 2019 or later?
You can order your free upgrade here

Subscription License

Automatic free upgrade:
Please check your e-mail for your free MAXQDA 2020 upgrade

Student License

Your license is currently valid with duration time remaining?
You can order your free upgrade here

Course License

Free upgrade available:
Teachers can contact our Customer Service Team to upgrade

Please note: Your old MAXQDA 12 or MAXQDA 2018 license will be replaced with the new license. The old license will be deactivated and lose all service rights.

Check your upgrade eligibility using your current MAXQDA serial number

If you are unsure if you are eligible for an upgrade, you can check the upgrade eligibility of your current MAXQDA serial number below. If the last characters of your serial number are XXXXX, please delete them before you click ‘check’.

How to purchase an upgrade from the MAXQDA Online Shop:

To purchase an upgrade license, simply select the purchase option Upgrade in the MAXQDA Online Shop. You will be prompted to enter your current serial number later during checkout.

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