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Option A: Verification via current (PhD) student identification upload

MAXQDA Student Licenses are personal licenses that can only be purchased by verified students or PhD candidates. They may only be used for private purposes and are not available for purchase by institutions.

To verify that you’re eligible we’ll ask you to upload your current student ID in the order process. Please note that this verification process may take 1-2 working days.

These documents are accepted for student verification

1. Valid, current student ID with name and expiration date

If your student ID has no expiration date:
Screenshot of your university online account that indicates your current enrollment AND your student ID. Please make sure that the screenshot shows your name and your registration (i.e. registered courses in the current term). Important: The screenshot and the student ID have to be uploaded in one document.

2. Official, current university transcript indicating the name of the university and the student.

3. Current enrollment verification certificate

4. Official, current university tuition bill indicating name of the university and the student.

These documents cannot be accepted

1. Expired Student ID

2. Student ID without expiration date.

3. Only a screenshot of your online account (without uploading a student ID in the same document)

Option B: Verification via Shibboleth

Verify your status with your institutional e-mail

Verification via ShibbolethOnly for universities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
If you are currently enrolled at a university in one of these countries that is using Shibboleth you can verify your student status by entering your university e-mail address.

By clicking the button below you are redirected to our verification partner asknet where you can verify your status with one of the two options described above.

MAXQDA student licenses