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Down below and high above – VERBI field trip 2014

For this year’s annual field trip the MAXQDA team went underground into the “Berliner Unterwelten”. From a busy hallway at the train station Gesundbrunnen in Berlin, we stepped through an inconspicuous green door to enter a gigantic air raid shelter from the Second World War era. The place looks like a real shelter, with all of the appropriate signs and details. In reality however the “shelter” was a fake – it was only created to calm the population of Berlin during air raids, giving them a place to hide.

If you’re interested in touring this part of Berlin’s history, you can find all of the information on the webpage of the Berliner Unterwelten e.V..

After spending the first half of the day underground we went high up in the afternoon. At Potsdamer Platz we took a ride in Europe’s fastest elevator, which brought us to the sun terrace on the 24th level to the Panoramapunkts am Potsdamer Platz. From here we had a spectacular view of the city, including some of the best tourist attractions like the Brandenburg Gate.

View from the Panoramapunkt in Berlin

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