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Special Guests at VERBI

The warm summer brought fresh wind to VERBI. Two researchers, Prof. Lory Dance from the United States / Sweden and Linda Chalmers from New Zealand, each joined us for a personal training in our Berlin office.

First Linda Chalmers from the New Zealand SSED National Research Project on Shorter Stays in Emergency Departments, joined us for a personal intensive MAXQDA training. The Auckland District Health Board and the University of Auckland created the project to investigate the effect of the 6hr NZ ED time target on clinical markers of quality of care and the process of policy implementation. One of the goals is the development of the dynamic system model of acute care in New Zealand.


Shortly after Prof. Lory Dance joined us for a week long training in our Berlin office. Lory comes from the Lund University Sweden and the University of Lincoln-Nebraska, USA where she teaches qualitative research methods and coordinates and co-directs various research projects. She is now a MAXQDA expert and will use her new skills to finish her current book project Gone With the Neo-Liberal Wind: Minority Teens, School Reform, and Urban Change in Sweden and the U.S.

We wish both of them all the best for their projects!

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