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Results of our user-research

What our users appreciate about MAXQDA: We asked MAXQDA users all over the world about their opinion on MAXQDA. The feedback was both positive and challenging – we gained an insight into what our customers appreciate most about MAXQDA and we able to develop new ideas for the future.

Screenshot of a result of the MAXQDA user research Our users appreciate the simplicity and versatility of our software: “I like the clear structure and the variety of (intuitive) possibilities to perform commands.” On average, new users learn the basic functions of MAXQDA within two days. “I love MAXQDA for its simplicity.”Especially the four windows structure and the flexible data management are considered important features of the software. They ensure an organized workflow and make searching through piles of paper or index cards a relic of the past. Many users also find the memo function an efficient and effective tool for managing information during the evaluation process.

Key analysis functions

MAXQDA users especially value the software’s analysis functions. More than 95% of our respondents are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with these functions. Our users find that MAXQDA’s analysis functions are easy to understand and facilitate a clear and thorough analysis: “My favorite function is the choice of colors for the different codes – it’s simple but appealing! The colors make a coded text look neat and clear.” The possibility of performing the entire analysis in MAXQDA is also seen as a major advantage.

MAXQDA’s visual tools – a class of its own

MAXQDA’s various visual tools, such as word clouds and the document portrait, are very popular among our users. These tools facilitate the analysis by providing the user with an overview of relevant themes. Furthermore, our respondents consider the visual illustration of relationships in the text material and the graphical visualization of results to be among MAXQDA’s most important features: “By far my favorite feature is the possibility to make text portraits! As we present our work at conferences, other researchers are AMAZED how we can present a “picture” of a counseling session. Nobody has ever done this before!”A computer-based data analysis with MAXQDA thus offers various advantages. In addition to the visual tools and the identification of relationships in the data material, MAXQDA allows for convenient data management: “The code system grows and develops together with the analysis. What I also like is being able to look at passages from different interviews at one glance and of course the visualization of code relations with MAXMaps.”

Customer Service

MAXQDA users around the world trust in our customer service and online support. Our respondents appreciate our reliability in providing help with all queries and problems concerning the software as well as our flexible licenses: „I especially like that it‘s portable.” Over three quarters of our users are more than satisfied with our service. Many customers also praise our regular updates, which constantly expand the program’s functions. Another unique feature of MAXQDA is the possibility of working with data in many different languages: “MAXQDA is the only software that I can use with my Arabic language data.” Furthermore, the learning aids we offer on our website are also highly valued, especially by new users: “The tutorials are excellent.”All in all, MAXQDA’s popularity results from our software’s state-of-the-art functionality and our highly professional service and support.We thank all respondents for their feedback, and we look to the future with confidence in our product!

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