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MAXQDA and Mixed Methods – January Workshops in Surrey, UK

The beginning of 2015 offers some highly attractive events to boost your MAXQDA skills and network with colleagues. Make sure to reserve your spot soon! These two workshops are organized by the CAQDAS networking project and take place at the university of Surrey, UK.

Mixed Methods Workshop

Join MAXQDA developer Prof. Udo Kuckartz and MAXQDA expert Graham Hughes for the day course “Mixed Methods using MAXQDA”. The workshop is organized by the CAQDAS Networking project and will take place at the University of Surrey, UK.

MAXQDA was a pioneer in supporting mixed methods approaches and offers unsurpassed functionality for this field of research. The workshop is divided into three sessions: A methodological overview on how MAXQDA supports triangulation strategies, researchers sharing their experiences from the field, and a look at the new field of “joint displays”.

MAXQDA Training

On the day after the Mixed Methods workshop (see above) you can take part in a one-day MAXQDA training taught by Christina Silver from the CAQDAS Networking project.

This workshop provides a thorough introduction to our software and is suited for complete beginners and those who have used MAXQDA to a limited extent.

Enjoy learning new skills, visit Surrey`s historical places and collect ideas and thoughts for new projects. If you are looking for a different MAXQDA workshop, please make sure to take a look at the MAXQDA user conference (CAQD), which is coming up in February and offers a wide variety of MAXQDA and methods workshops.

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