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Textbook “Introducing Qualitative Research” – with MAXQDA example!

Literature Tipp: Comprehensive guidebook on qualitative research that comes with a companion webpage where students can find a range of free resources, including a short guide on using MAXQDA:
Introducing Qualitative Research. A Student’s Guide. Second Edition, Rosaline Barbour, SAGE Publications Ltd, 2013.

About the book

Introducing Qualitative Research

“Rosaline Barbour draws on her extensive teaching experience to provide a clear, user-friendly introduction to the craft of doing qualitative research. Each chapter includes examples of real-life qualitative data and a range of exercises to help students get a feel for the process of generating and analysing qualitative data.” (SAGE Webpage)

Content of the book:

  • Potential research questions to help students who are new to the field of research
  • Templates including timetables, matrix grids and interview schedules
  • Examples and transcripts e.g. from social science disciplines: real-life focus group excerpts and commentaries
  • Methods of data collection like documentary analysis
  • Internet research methods, mixed methods and visual methods
  • Journal articles relevant to the online exercises and web links on qualitative research for students’ projects
  • Examples of how to use software, such as MAXQDA, in qualitative research

View on SAGE webpage Companion webpage

Coding qualitative data using MAXQDA by Francisco Freitas


MAXQDA expert, sociologist and member of the Centre for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra, Francisco Freitas, contributed a student resource on using MAXQDA for qualitative research to the book. In the short guide, he illustrates the basic features of MAXQDA: What does the code system look like? Which coding options are available? How do you code segments in documents, such as texts, tables, videos and PDFs? And at least: How to retrieve coded data to with its correspondent codes in a structured overview.

You can find this guide on the companion webpage in chapter 11.

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