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EIGE makes MAXQDA database of gender stereotypes study available for secondary analysis

The EIGE (European Institute for Gender Equality) supports the EU and its Member States in their efforts to promote gender equality, to fight discrimination and to raise awareness about gender equality issues. One of its tasks is to collect and analyse data on gender issues. In this context they have made a huge database of narratives on gender perceptions available for secondary analysis. All of the data is stored in one MAXQDA project, which can be downloaded on their webpage. The project contains 515 stories about gender perception and stereotypes, narrated by 216 interviewed persons from 27 EU Member States. It is intended as a valuable resource for researchers or students.


About the study

The EIGE study aims to collect real-life stories about stereotypical gender attitudes and perceptions. Analysis focused on how stereotypical gender perceptions influence lives and to collect data on obstacles and ways to overcome these obstacles.

Data available for secondary analyses

The MAXQDA database of the study can be downloaded from the EIGE webpage and is intended to be a valuable data source for researchers and students who would like to explore gender stereotypes in the EU. There are a total of 989 documents and more than 25.000 codes in the project. The documents are organized by country, e.g. all the narratives from Germany are stored in a document group called “DE_quotes”. The code system is well organized into analytical codes and topical codes with code memos that hold information about the main categories.

Learn more about this project and download the database at the EIGE webpage.


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