MAXQDA License Overview

Each project is different – select the MAXQDA software license that fits your research project settings best.

MAXQDA 12 licenses are universal for Windows & Mac and project files are completely compatible. This means that if you are working in a team, each team member is free to work with the platform they prefer.

License Types

MAXQDA licenses - Single user license

Single User

The Single User License is a personal license. It can be installed on two machines (Windows and/or Mac) as long as both installations are not used simultaneously or by different individuals.

Install on Windows and/or Mac OS X
Purchase: Available at 1 license
Lease: Available at 10 licenses

MAXQDA licenses - Network license

Network (min. 5)

Server-based licenses, which allow the simultaneous use of the software in the amount of the number of purchased licenses.

The total access may be twice as high as the number of purchased licenses (floating use). Network licenses need to be set up and managed with our license management tool MAXQDA License Service. This requires the server PC to have a Windows environment (Windows XP or newer).

Access with Windows and/or Mac OS X
Purchase: Available at 5 licenses
Lease: Available at 10 licenses

MAXQDA licenses - Portable license


A fully functional MAXQDA that you can take with you – analyze your data wherever you are: at home, at work, on a library computer, or in an internet cafe. Install on your USB flash drive and start MAXQDA straight from the USB flash drive – from your Mac or your Windows machine.

Works with Windows and/or Mac OS X
Purchase: Available at 1 license
Lease: Available at 10 licenses

For Educational Institutions

MAXQDA licenses - Teaching license

Teaching Licenses

We support teachers who teach research methods. Teachers may request a free MAXQDA teaching license for every student who takes part in their class so they can work on class assignments on their own computers.

Can be used by Windows and/or Mac computers
Available via request through MAXQDA webpage

MAXQDA licenses - University license / enterprise license

MAXQDA University / Enterprise License

Customized university licenses available. Make professional qualitative data analysis software available to students and staff members at your institutions.

Access with Windows and/or Mac
Purchase/Lease: Individual offer

For Students

MAXQDA licenses - Student license

Student License (6 months / 12 months / 24 months)

Verified students and PhD candidates can purchase fully functional licenses at a reduced price.
This personal license may only be used for private purposes and cannot be purchased by institutions.

Available for Windows and/or Mac
Installation on 1 or 2 computers depending on license durations

Purchase Options


One-Time Purchase

One-time purchase that includes free updates and free online support. Licenses never expire.

Upgrade to new versions at a discount


Annual Subscription

365-day care free package (min. 10 licenses) includes free upgrades, so you are always working with the current version.

Upgrades to new versions are automatically included