MAXQDA Reader – A free MAXQDA project reader

With the free MAXQDA Reader everyone can view, search for, browse and “dig through” MAXQDA projects. This way it’s easy to share your results with your team members or your examiner.

Knowledge Management – All knowledge resources (e.g. in organizations) can be made available to specific target groups without manipulation of the data.

Teaching – Professors can view their student’s project data in order to comment on their work. Real project read-only files allow you to track and discuss distinct stages of the qualitative data analysis process.

Research Centers, Museums or Libraries – Data can be made accessible for viewing without giving any control away that might lead to changes in the original data.

Teamwork – Teams can track and discuss several stages and steps throughout the analytical process on un-editable files. You can then easily distribute these uneditable materials within a research institute.

Evaluation – Examiners are able to easily see and understand their student’s project data.

MAXQDA teamwork - share your data

MAXQDA Reader Functions

  • Understand different steps of the analysis
  • Read documents and memos
  • View codes
  • Activate documents and codes
  • Conduct a Text Retrieval
  • Activate documents via document variable
  • View MAXMAps visualizations
  • Create overviews of memos, links, attributes, code frequencies, Retrieved Segments
  • Search for specific terms

Download MAXQDA Reader

MAXQDA 2018 Reader