MAXQDA Course License

MAXQDA Course License

For students in method-focused courses
For course exercises and projects
Free MAXQDA Analytics Pro

Are you planning a research methods course? Will you be teaching your students how to analyze qualitative data? Then why not let us provide the software!

We support research methods trainers with free course licenses for their students. Each student will receive a personal MAXQDA license (MAXQDA Analytics Pro) to use on their private computer for the duration of the course. They can use it to complete practice exercises and guided projects, giving them first-hand experience with MAXQDA and enabling them to develop valuable research skills.

Free Course License

Methods-focused courses

This license aims to support official courses focussing on qualitative methods (e.g. methods seminars, guided research projects). The course should be listed on your institution’s website, be free of charge, and be aimed specifically at students.

Full course duration

The duration of the licence corresponds to that of the complete course (maximum 120 days).

Students at your institution

As a teacher, you can apply for a MAXQDA Course License on behalf of your students. This will provide them with a valuable opportunity to gain practical experience using qualitative data analysis software.

MAXQDA Analytics Pro

MAXQDA Analytics Pro includes all of MAXQDA’s features for qualitative and mixed methods research, as well as the Stats module, which adds a wide range of powerful statistical analysis tools.

License Conditions

Course participants

All students participating in your course can use the license.

Private computers

Students may install the MAXQDA Course License on their personal Mac or Windows computer. MAXQDA is identical in both versions. Their computers do have to meet certain system requirements.

Scope of use

Students may use the license within the framework of their methods course, i.e. to complete practice exercises or guided research projects.

Final dissertations, theses or papers excluded

Students are not permitted to complete bachelor’s, master’s or diploma theses using the course license. For these purposes we recommend our student license.

Use by trainers excluded

The license may not be used by trainers or other members of their institution. Use of the license is reserved exclusively for students.

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Apply for the MAXQDA Course License

Please allow plenty of time before the start of your course to apply. Processing each application may take several days.