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Update featuring new features released: Get MAXQDA 11.0.3 now!

A free update for MAXQDA 11 was released. This updates features new functions besides various improvements. To update MAXQDA, open “? > Search for updates from the MAXQDA menu bar.

See what’s new in MAXQDA 11.0.3:

  • Better performance when opening projects with many documents
  • Code-relations-browser and the complex retrieval option ‘intersection’ now available for images
  • When opening a document that is linked to a video file, the Multi-Media-Browser only opens up, if the media player feature is switched on
  • The option “Reset activations” does not affect the selection of coding stripes
  • Example projects are now saved in your “public documents“ folder
  • “Activation via variable” option includes document group names
  • Time frames and size of video preview images can be set in the options menu
  • Better color mixtures for overlapping codes when coded text is displayed in color
  • Better timestamp setting during transcriptions
  • Better memo export from the “Retrieved Segments” window
  • Export of coded media segments to Excel and HTML includes start and end times

Further information about this and any other MAXQDA updates can be found in the release notes.

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