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Release 2022.1.1 (2022-03-16)


  • Visual Tools: You can now analyze up to 300 codes with the document or code map visualization. The former limit was 100.
  • TeamCloud: Each time a team lead starts a new teamwork cycle in MAXQDA TeamCloud a backup of the project file is created and stored in the TeamCloud backup folder.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Available keyboard shortcuts were added to the context menu of memos and the insight boxes in the QTT workspace.


  • Fixes an issue while displaying coded image segments in the Summary Grid. MAXQDA no longer freezes while loading the images.
  • Fixes an issue while applying a stop word list to a word cloud, where it was not possible to switch to another stop word list.
  • Fixes an issue while distributing elements in MAXMaps, where the options to distribute horizontally or vertically were swapped in the context menu.
  • Fixes an issue while importing member projects in MAXQDA TeamCloud, where the displayed number of coded segments is not refreshed.

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