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Free MAXQDA Update 12.0.3

The latest free update for MAXQDA 12 is packed with new features that will improve your research workflow, including new search & autocode feature for PDF documents, re-importing already imported interview transcripts as a focus group transcript with automatic speaker recognition, importing word documents with images, and many more.

New update comes with 16 new Features

  • Default code color: The default color for new codes in MAXQDA 12 is grey. If you like a bit more color in your project, create a new code, pick a color and check the box “use as default color for new codes”.
  • Autocode sentences in PDF documents: You can now automatically code the search results from a lexical word search in PDFs including the sentence the word appears in. This feature has long been available for regular text documents and is now also available for PDF documents.
  • New code system depth for Creative Coding: Creativ Coding now allows you to drag top level codes including all their subcodes (up to two levels deep) onto a plain map for visual code system organization and rearrangment.
  • Twitter import: When you import tweets from Twitter, the number of likes for each Tweet is included as a new column.
  • Summary Tables: transform a column with your summaries into a document variable (right click on the column header) and swap rows and columns, depending if you are looking for a theme or source oriented view by using the new icon from the toolbar.
  • Speaker recognition for already imported text documents: MAXQDAs focus group import automatically detects and codes different speaker in interviews with multiple people. You can now use thie feature for already existing text documents by using “Documents > Insert displayed text as focus group transcript”.
  • Export document variables to SPSS syntax file (.sps). Click on the export button and select the data type from the dropdown menu of the save dialog window.
  • Sort data editor for document variables by document type The first column of the data editor now displays the document type icon so you quickly sort your documents by type.
  • Import Word documents (.doc/x) including images that are in the text. The images are included in MAXQDA in their own paragraph and can also be coded.
  • Save multiple PDFs/images to the folder for external files at once. Importing multiple large PDF documents or images at once? Check the “For all” box during import to save all of them to your external files folder at once.
  • Easier rearrangement of code favorites. Move code favorites up or down with the arrow buttons.
  • Export of coded segmentes to Quote Matrix keeps the original formatting when exporting the matrix to a RTF document.
  • Better sorting of overview tables: A sorted table now stays the way it is, even when you enter new values in a sorted column. Click on the column head once more to sort again when you are done entering data.
  • MAXApp import from .zip file: MAXApp projects that were created with mobile app “MAXApp” can now be imported from a .zip file
  • Code Relations Browser: You can now also double click on aggregated node in the code relations browser to list all segments of the collapsed codes in the Retrieved Segments window

Full update history and info on bugfixes available on the release notes webpage.

How to update to MAXQDA 12.0.3 (Windows & Mac)

To search and install the latest update of MAXQDA 12 open up “Help > Search for updates”. If you have set your MAXQDA preferences to “Search for updates automatically” you will be automatically notified of the available update when you start MAXQDA.

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