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Pecha Kucha Presentation: What MAXQDA has done for qualitative methodology

Do you know Pecha Kucha? It is a presentation style where the speaker gets 20 slides, which are shown for 20 seconds each. This presentation style was invented to keep presentations short and to the point.

At the CAQDAS conference 2014 each software company who took part in the conference did a pecha kucha presentation to present what their software had done for qualitative methodology.

Anne Kuckartz, the CEO of VERBI Software answered this question in her pecha kucha presentation: Who and what inspired the creation of MAXQDA? Which innovations have been introduced to the methodological landscape since the very first version of MAXQDA was released in 1989? The answers to these questions and more are giving in the video.

The pecha kucha presentation: “What has MAXQDA done for qualitative methodology” by Anne Kuckartz.

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