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Survey Research Center: 67th Annual Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques

Survey Research CenterRight now the 67th Annual Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques is taking place at the University of Michigan and we are happy, that MAXQDA has been a part of the Survey Research Center for 18 years now.

In his two-week course “Qualitative Data Analysis: With and Without the Use of Computers” (July 14-25) instructor Eben Weitzman addresses all students and researchers who have collected their data and now want to start working on it.

The course focuses on various methods of managing, interpreting, drawing, and verifying results form qualitative data. Above that, participants will learn about how software can support their analysis and will get insights into a variety of different options.

There are still some places left! Enrollments can be done here:

We wish all scholars a successful time at Ann Arbor!

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