MAXQDA License Upgrade

Upgrade your MAXQDA 10 or MAXQDA 11 license to MAXQDA 12

Regular MAXQDA 11 and MAXQDA 10 licenses can be upgraded to the newest version of MAXQDA at a reduced price. Update your old licenses and choose any of the four available product option.

MAXQDA upgrade - Get the newest version at a reduced price

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Which types of licenses can be upgraded?

Owners of a registered MAXQDA 10 or MAXQDA 11 license may be able to purchase MAXQDA 12 with an upgrade discount. Your old MAXQDA 10 or MAXQDA 11 license will be replaced with the new license. The old license will be deactivated and lose all service rights. Upgrades are available for all license types, except student and semester licenses. Leasing license holders do not need to purchase upgrades, they automatically receive free upgrades to the latest version of MAXQDA.

MAXQDA 12 licenses are universal and can be used on Windows and/or Mac computers with the same range of functionality and 100% compatibility between both platforms. You do not need to decide which platform to use when ordering an upgrade.

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Register your license(s)

Only registered licenses can be upgraded. If you have not registered your license(s), take this chance to register them below. Once they are registered, you can proceed to the Online Shop to purchase your upgrade. Just select purchase type: Upgrade during checkout.

You can find your personal MAXQDA serial number in the delivery email you received when purchasing the license. Alternatively, you can find it within MAXQDA under “? / Help > License” (or “info” in older versions). Copy the serial number and enter it into the field below.

Tip: If the last characters of your serial number are XXXXX, please delete them before you click on ‘Register’.