MAXReader – A free MAXQDA project reader (for Windows)

With the free MAXReader everyone can view, search for, browse and “dig through” MAXQDA projects data.

  • Knowledge Management – All knowledge resources (e.g. in organizations) can be made available to specific target groups without manipulation of the data.
  • Evaluation – Examiners are able to easily see and understand their student’s project data.
  • Research Centers, Museums or Libraries – Data can be made accessible for viewing without giving any control away that might lead to changes in the original data.
  • Teaching – Professors can view their student’s project data in order to comment on their work. Real project read-only files allow you to track and discuss distinct stages of the qualitative data analysis process.
  • In Teamwork – Teams can track and discuss several stages and steps throughout the analytical process on un-editable files. You can then easily distribute these uneditable materials within a research institute.


Screenshot MAXReader

With the free MAXReader, you can:

  • Understand different steps of the analysis
  • Read documents and memos
  • View codes
  • Activate documents and codes
  • Conduct a Text Retrieval
  • Print Documents, create Smart Publisher reports
  • Export Code System, Document System, Retrieved Segments, Document Browser
  • Create visualizations with the visual tools
  • Create overviews of memos, links, attributes, code frequencies, Retrieved Segments
  • Search for specific terms

Download MAXReader

Download the free MAXReader to open and browse MAXQDA projects (Windows).

Download MAXReader