Software for Qualitative and Mixed Methods Analysis

MAXQDA is our world leading software for qualitative and mixed methods software. It is available as the standard version MAXQDA or the extended version MAXQDAplus, which includes an added quantitative text analysis module.

MAXQDA product range - MAXQDA


MAXQDA is a world leading qualitative and mixed methods analysis software used by thousands of researchers and institutions.

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MAXQDA product range - MAXQDAplus


MAXQDAplus is the extended version of MAXQDA. It additionally contains the quantitative text analysis module MAXDictio.

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MAXQDA product range - MAXQDA Reader

MAXQDA Reader (Free)

MAXQDA Reader is a free, read-only version of MAXQDA that allows users to open and search MAXQDA project files who do not own MAXQDA.

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MAXApp (Free)

MAXApp is a free iOS & Android app. Collect and code data on your mobile devices and seamlessly transfer your pre-structered data to MAXQDA.

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