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  • Qualitative Text Analysis – Basics
  • MAXQDA Base
  • MAXQDA Standard
  • MAXQDA Plus
  • MAXQDA Analytics Pro
  • Qualitative Data Analysis – Advanced
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  • Quantitative Text Analysis
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  • Statistical Data Analysis
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MAXQDA Base - the perfect product to conduct text based qualitative analysis

Qualitative Text Analysis – Basics

MAXQDA Base or higher

Import text or PDF documents or write down notes within MAXQDA. Use the full range of coding features of MAXQDA, write memos, search for words, link within documents or to external sources and keep a logbook of important research steps. Basic variable functionality included to add demographic data or other variables to documents. Visualize code frequency or code co-occurrence, and create charts and diagrams.

Available in: MAXQDA Base, MAXQDA Standard, MAXQDA Plus, MAXQDA Analytics Pro Learn more
MAXQDA Standard - Advanced Qualitative Analysis

Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis

MAXQDA Standard or higher

Work with more data types, including focus groups, surveys, webpages, prestructured documents, biographical data. Direct connection to Twitter. Transcribe, analyze and code audio and video files in Multimedia Player. Build and rearrange code system in map view. Summarize coded data into your own words and use advanced search for word combinations and coded data. Full Mixed Methods tool box available, including crosstabs, joint displays, similarity analysis and more. Create free or automatic concept maps with powerful mapping tool MAXMaps. Share elements of project data with team members and analyze intercoder agreement. Present your research to others with extensive visualization options and export data to professional report creator.

Available in: MAXQDA Standard, MAXQDA Plus, MAXQDA Analytics Pro Learn more
MAXQDA Plus - Includes MAXDictio module for professional dictionary based analysis

Quantitative Text Analysis

MAXQDA Plus or higher

Analyze all of the words used in your data with user defined dictionaries. MAXQDA Plus enables researchers to conduct professional dictionary based analysis, vocabulary analysis, and quantitive content analysis.

Available in: MAXQDA Plus, MAXQDA Analytics Pro Learn more
MAXQDA Analytics Pro - Perfect solution for qualitative analysis combined with statistical

Statistical Data Analysis

MAXQDA Analytics Pro only

Statistically analyze your qualitative data and evaluate your findings with large range of statistical tools or connect your data to external data sets (Excel, SPSS). Calculate frequency tables, mean, median, standard deviation, mean error, confidence intervals, etc. Analyze crosstabs: chi-square and Cramer’s V. Correlation: Pearson’s r, Spearman’s rho. Analysis of variance and reliability analysis for scales. Interactive result display.

Available in: MAXQDA Analytics Pro Learn more

Global Functionality for all Products

Every MAXQDA product offers multi languages support, access to free support, free updates, complete documentation and free learning materials. Compare the four product options in the detailed feature comparison chart.

Available in: MAXQDA Base, MAXQDA Standard, MAXQDA Plus, MAXQDA Analytics Pro Feature Comparison